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Originally Posted by JackB1 View Post
Can anyone compare the Pro 1 to the new Pure Drive 2012 model?
I can only compare it to the PDR, the standard PD is too light.

firstly, if i was forced to choose from the whole babolat stable, i would choose the PRD. Awesome racquet. big power, big serves, big groundies, big everything but it still has that Babolat feel. Which is tinny, stiff and uncomfy. bit harder to control all that power sometimes when you really need to place a shot.

the Pro One, is very very comfortably. if you train and play proper 3 set matches 12-15 hours a week, you need to look after your arm. the P1 hasnt got the punch that the PDR provides, but it has controllable power! this is crucial!!. serves and groundies are still very very powerful compared to alot of players sticks.

Both sticks are perfect for the current modern game, baseline bashing all day long. But for me, I still need to control my heavy shots and need a tad more comfort. So the P1 for me.

On another note, I beat an undefeated 5.0 using a Head YT PP last night. the P1 just had a tad more easy power at the end of the 3rd set.
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