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Maybe I need to decrease the tension on the poly for better dwell time and more "give" and increase the tension on the gut for less power? If I do, I'm a little concerned about the difference in tension between mains and crosses after the poly crosses lose tension. I can already tell that the tension loss of the poly is a factor as I test the tension on a daily basis.

When hybridding gut with poly, I always string the gut 4-5 lbs higher than the poly. General opinion is a 5 lb differential will not damage the frame. TW will not string higher than a 5 lb differential between crosses and mains. I have done this for years with no discernable harm to my frames. I mostly string moderate tensions 55 lb mains with 50 crosses or a couple of lbs lower on each in the colder months or with stiffer strings.

Gut mains 54 with poly cross at 50 is probably a good place to start. I take the same approach with multi mains and poly crosses and use similar tensions.
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