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Its astounding, how bad the detail living memory of players is, even of recent players. I think, we discussed in another thread, that many details in the Sampras-Bodo book are factually wrong. The records on the old pro tour were badly kept and are still incomplete. This gave room for many tales, very perspective opinions and exaggerations by Kramer, Gonzalez, his family (i remember an internet article by a guy named Hernandez, who told wild legends on Gonzalez' career). Sometimes players hear those stories and transport them. Since McCauley and Sutter we have more solid ground. McCauley used the World Tennis archive, Michel Sutter the archive of L'Equipe, both laid the groundwork for exact recollection. In Laver's case it would be better to write to his sister Betty in Queensland, who sampled all newspapers accounts and wrote a book on his career. She has the same numbers as Laver/Pollard in the early book of 1963/64.
Andrew Tas consulted (not "sampled") newspaper reports of the 1964 New Zealand tour. Hoad finished 7 and 5, beating Laver 3 to 1.

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