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Originally Posted by alidisperanza View Post
1-- I really don't see what they're talking about. I'm playing it at 48 and don't have much trouble keeping the ball in play. Imo, I think the frame is fairly low powered.

2-- 7pts head light and not quite 12oz. It's a nice combination. I have longer, slower strokes while a friend of mine has tremendous racquet head speed. I think the frame adapts either way. If the both of us hit with a prestige, the ball quality is distinctly different-- with the 95d, different but both effective.

3. I didn't think it needed any. I'm enjoying it in stock form.

I think this was a great analysis-- I'd agree with most of it.

2-- you're right on the money. I posted specs of mine somewhere above.

I got the 95d strung with K. Evolution 1.25 (low 50lbs). I checked about 6 raquets at my local shop and all of them with weigh 320 grms. Amazing.
Now the easy part... to play like Nalbandian and Wawrinka lol
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