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Just found a Prince Magnesium Pro 90. I almost left it there as I have a 110 version that I don't care for all that much - and I left both a Magnesium 110 and a Prince Pro at a different shop on Monday for $1 each. I said what the hell - it's only $5 and some folks think of this as the GROAT. I hit with it tonight with what appear to be the original Prince strings from 1986. It was very smooth with no metallic feel. It is softer than the POG with less spin. It and the POG are a 14x18 string pattern, but the spacing is tighter. The mains have about the same spacing as the 14 center mains of the Diablo Tour. The crosses are tighter as well but not quite as close as the 18 center crosses of the Diablo. It hits a ball more similar to the Diablo than the POG. I don't know how often I will play with it, but is is fun.
Let's try this Textreme 95 for a while.
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