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Originally Posted by anubis View Post
Thanks a lot. I'm thinking of buying an X-2, so this is very helpful.

EDIT: I notice you suggest to string an entire side of the mains before moving to the other side. I have read elsewhere that you should only string about 3 at a time on each side and then switch, so you don't put too much tension on one half of the racquet. I have also read that this is more important for 2-point mounting systems.

This is correct. To the OP, you should alternate stringing the mains on the right and left sides of the racquet to equalize the tension being applied to the frame, never getting two to three ahead of the other side. Then tie off both the left and right. Stringing one side (one half), tying off, and then stringing the other side is a major no-no.

First, I applaud the OP's effort. I skimmed through the guide. This isn't a full technical editing of the guide, or an evaluation of the writing, just a few important things that stuck out.

The OP initially pulls tension on the two center strings (RM & LM 1) and then sets his floating clamp (Gamma composite). He then releases tension. His explanation of this is inaccurate, when all he is doing is setting tension inside the clamp. He then leaves the initial center clamp in place and completes one side of the racquet mains and then the other, as noted above. This is incorrect.

Also, while the OP says he pulls tension on one cross at a time, I believe the OP is confused about the difference between "double pulling" and (perhaps isn't familiar with) "weaving one-ahead." He addresses this issue but not correctly/adequately, depending on your interpretation. A search can be done to find posts regarding these issues.
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