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It would be most useful to compare an older discontinued racquet to a newer racquet, to make it easier for a client to chose a racquet that is avail. today to compare to an older racquet.USRSA has this already on their site, and its a great help for clients looking to replace their older racquets no longer available.

USRSA has a racquet selector based on certain racquet characteristics like power, flex, head size,weight balance, swingweight,etc. and will give you those specs for a # of discontinued racquets and you list order of preference of these specs,and also you list what changes you are looking for on these specsif so desired, or keep the same, and it gives you racquets with closest to these, rating them by importance you select, along with any changes to come up with a racquet that is similar,or dissimilar to certain specs that you input which is a very helpful tool.They have a nice way to compare racquets for replacements, as you just choose a racquet (many are discontinued), and all the specs come up, choose what you want to keep the same, or different and the closest matches comes up with all the specs.

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