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The Tennis Channel is a television station we have in the United States that shows nothing but tennis. It has pro tennis tournaments, instruction on tennis, features on top players etc. The Tennis Channel List is a subjective list of the top tennis players in history. There was no formula for who was at the top. It combined women and men. Therefore you would think they would treat the women with great accomplishments equally with the men but they didn't. I think many forgot about the accomplishments of the great pros pre Open era. So Federer finished first in this list and Laver second.

Actually from my perspective it's amazing to me that Laver finished second. It just shows how his accomplishments have not been forgotten despite the passage of time. People always tend to pick the current men's champion as the greatest. He may be or may not be. Objectively however many of the women could have or should have finished first. When you consider for example that Steffi Graf won over 100 tournaments, 22 majors, a Golden Slam, and had a higher winning percentage than many. All these accomplishments are higher than Federer and yet Federer ranked higher than Graf on this list?? It really doesn't make sense at all that Federer finished first ahead of Graf (and a number of other women like Navratilova) if you are valuing the Women's accomplishments equally with the Men. The obvious answer is that the Tennis Channel List is just a subjective list. I spoke to someone who voted on the list (who actually knows tennis history) and this person thought the list order was ridiculous.
Good to knoe.Anway, how did Tennis Channel rate Mo Connolly? and Helen Wills ?
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