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Originally Posted by abmk View Post
and we're back to the square one .....

plus is it not possible that those 2 players are just that much better than the rest of the field rather than the depth being "bad" ?

The "mental strength" of the players is also influenced by whom they play/when they play ..... it isn't black and white ..
Take Nadal or Djokovic: How many past GS winners have they had to face? Hewitt was hampered with injuries,Roddick and Ferrero , Ill give you that, Safin was completely out of form from the middle, their greatest opposition, other than Federer, have been the likes of Murray ( talented but very weak),Ferrer ( a decent journeyman),Berdych and Soderling,Tsonga.None of them ( except for the astonishing win of Del Potro in 2009) never won a major title.

Look, guys like Orantes,Panatta,Gerulatis,Tanner were not even in the top 10 of the 1970s decades ranking U( if we had to pick the top ten of that decade as a whole)...yet they were able to win majors and top players like Borg,Connors,Newcombe respected them.It is simply out of any possible comparison.
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