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Default lol, here's another lovely abuse of the system

same captain as from this other thread

So he had another guy on his 4.5 team who when you clicked on his name showed up as 5.0C year end 2010. Turned out that tennis link wasn't up to date, that in fact he had self-rated as a 4.5 after not having played any adult leagues in 2011. But wait... There is a rule that you have to be removed for THREE years before re-entering at a lower rating.

Further digging reveals that he played mixed only in 2011 and signed up as a 4.5M (mixed exclusive).

But there is this rule from USTA website:

"A player who plays exclusively in the USTA League Mixed Doubles Division and subsequently chooses to participate in the USTA League Adult, Senior and/or Super Senior Divisions must enter those Divisions by using a valid computer (C) or benchmark (B) rating from a previous year. "

So as this player falls under the category of having a valid (C) rating from a previous year it seems pretty clear that he should have been required to enter the adult league this year using that (C) rating. Between this rule and the 3 year rule I don't see how he could be allowed to re-enter the adult league self-rating as a 4.5.

I put this question to the Head of USTA tennis in my state. His reply was this:

"The way Mixed Exclusive players were handled prior to this new regulation was this:

Mixed Exclusive overwrote any previous rating you had. So if you had a computer rating and then you got a Mixed rating the following year, your computer rating was wiped. But since Mixed ratings were only valid for Mixed Doubles play, players who were trying to register for any other league were required to self rate again. That became their rating for the rest of the year. The old computer rating does not come into this at all.

With the new regulation, if a player had a computer rating and gets a Mixed rating the following year, it does not wipe out his old computer rating. That actually stays in the background. Since a Mixed rating is still only valid for mixed doubles play, if the player tries to register for any other league, then his rating is to revert to that previous computer rating.

For that to happen, the technology has to match the rule. TennisLink did not have that implemented at the start of 2012. Those we were able to identify who had yet to sign up for a league were changed manually. Those who were identified after registration and the match play, we did not feel justified in making the change to their rating. The NTRP Dynamic rating system would disqualify them if they were significantly out of level."

So the upshot is, yes there is a clear rule, yes it was violated, no it was not enforced.

I'm particularly bothered by the last sentance, because it's almost only people trying to game the system who will be violating this rule, so they are also the ones who will be managing their matches/scores to avoid dynamic rating DQs.
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