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Originally Posted by michael_1265 View Post
You should be really happy with that Yonex. From the condition of the grip, it has had very little use. I too have bought a couple of racquets at Goodwill, only to find small, but significant defects upon further inspection.
Well, the strings are worn but actually the previous owner seems to have taken care of it really well! Just some very minor paint chips and light scratching at the bumper.

Originally Posted by retrowagen View Post
Oh, too bad! That model Fischer is the first model they made with the mold that eventually became the forst three versions of the Pro No. 1... and is also probably the best version of all!
I'd love to test it fully actually... Plan was to get both restrung. It'll work perfectly fine with the Yonex, just take it down to the shop and hey presto, new strings, but with the Fischer I may have to consult a friend to do it VERY carefully and then give him a return favor at any given time.
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