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Originally Posted by Nostradamus View Post
yes Unless he figured he had no chance to win the doubles event. That wildcard into US open is probably more valuable than anything else. Lets be honest, winner of Klahn and Johnson semi will most likely win the singles event. thus get the wildcard into US open.
Johnson on his injury, from ZooTennis ( "After singles I was feeling just exhausted physically and I tried to come out here and play doubles, but my body just wasn't holding up," said Johnson, who had an ice bag wrapped around his stomach area. "I knew more time on the court would be bad for me, so I just decided the body wasn't feeling good, so just call it a day. The heat finally got to me today, and I've 12, 16 hours to get ready for singles tomorrow against Bradley, so I'll get up in the morning with a better attitude, I think."
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