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Originally Posted by TMF View Post
You are wrong in so many occasions, especially this one. *** goof off quite often too in the General Player Forum.
Pietrangeli,Santana,Hoad,Gonzales,Emmo,Fraser,Stol le,Rosewall,Newcombe,Roche,Kodes,Nasty,Smith,Gimen o,Ashe plus Okker,Taylor,Drysdale,Richey,Lutz,Kodes,Franulovic ,Pilic,Ralston,Cox,Fillol,young Orantes,Froehling,Graebner...ALL OF THEM TRYING TO STOP LAVER´S RUN AT THE GRS...If Federer,Nadal or anybody else just sat down and looked up at a draw and saw ALL THOSE NMAES PUT TOGETHER, they´d probably faint right on the spot.No matter which size the draws ( rest are mere journeymen)....this is the final proof of Laver greatness.The toughest field ever and HE STILL WINS THE BIG 4 THĦĦĦĦĦ IN A ROWĦĦĦĦĦ
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