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Its difficult to rank events in a specific order, say Super Nine events. You have to consider draws, format, tradition, prize money, importance for world ranking, press coverage, reception in year books among other things. In the early open era it changes from year to year. In Tennis World, the yearbook for 1969 edited by John Barrett, the South African Champs was ranked the 5th most important event of the year. It got a special report alongside the 4 majors plus the German and Italian Champs. In the Enzyclopedia Britannica yearbook for 1969, is was also ranked the 5th most important event in an article by Lance Tingay. The SA Open had a broad and good field (96), had best of 5 all the way.
The LA had a 64 field, best of 3. In 1968 the LA event had special importance, because it was one of the only 8 open tournaments. As the last of those open events it had special meaning for the World ranking of 1968. In 1970, it also was important for the top ranking. In 1971 it went down in importance, because it was skipped by the WCT players. Berkeley for instance had the much better field in 1971, with all the WCT top players plus Stan Smith and i think Nastase.
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