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Originally Posted by Nostradamus View Post
In my opinion, yes, Johnson is playing better at the moment. but as the pro career unfolds for these two guys, Klahn will prove to be the better of the two. They have very similar games but Klahn is lefty which proves to be a big advantage in the pros. but either way, both guys have lots of improving to do before making noise in the tour.
I think Steve J has a better chance on the tour because he tends to come to the net a lot to finish points off, which is a big advantage in the pros. Look at his former teammate Robert Farah, they have similar attacking games, big serve, big FH but Farah doesn't come as much to the net. Robert has been playing pretty well lately, making the main draw of 2 Masters this spring and wining against a top 40 and a former top 5 (Davydenko). Yet, he's still struggling at 170 or so in the rankings. Is he playing poorly? Not at all, but as soon as the exchange goes on, he tends to make UE too easily compared to top 100 pros. When he comes to the net, he wins a lot more points and games. Brad has great weapons, but too many UE and a weak BH. I hope I'm wrong but this is going to bite him in the pros.
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