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I think it is bad sleep habits. I got an ortho pillow with the u shape and that has helped my neck, but I need to try sleeping on my back I guess. Who knows, I have a league starting up in 2 weeks, so time off will be tough, but I have already taken off 5 days and probably will not play until Wednesday or thursday. I hurt my neck on a bad pillow and it may all be connected to that. A doc told me my upper rib was out of alignment from the bad pillow. My neck was killing me, and still does a little. Tennis annoys all these little injuries but is usually not the cause for me, that is what makes tennis so tricky sometimes.

The only 2 sticks I can think of that I would demo to make sure it's not the PDR are the 95D and the RadPro. I can't really think of anything else that I'd want to try. I think the PDR is fine though.

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