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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
Thanks man.i am hoping to be ok, but it may just be an overuse thing. It's something I need to monitor and also really do the throwers 10 as well. I could go play tennis right now and be ok, so it's not that bad, but reading about the different pains and surgeries has me always really watching myself closer than before.

Now tell us about that

Well, today I didn't serve at all, really have to watch the frequency of serves after friday and sunday match-play. My friend and I (the ex-baseball player one) want to team up for usta doubles for the fall/winter session, so we grabbed a basket full of balls and hit the courts.

First of all, it's great having someone you can practice with (even if it's once or twice a week) and who actually wants to get better and improve. My wife, any time the temps/humidity are up, just wants to stay home and veg.

I'd feed him a basket full of balls and then he the same. I practiced ground strokes and net play with the vCore 100s.

The Yonex is just so accepting of spin it's ridiculous. I can take full advantage of more extreme grips off of both wings, which leads to some serious angles and set-up shots following.

I toned down the lead at 3&9 to just 5grams and there is still plenty of power. Just effortless depth. The only slight down-fall for me is the slicing, both back-hand and forehand. Really have to be mindful of my grip, the angle and follow the ball. An area in which my thinner-beamed, lower powered Prestiges and Radicals seem naturally adept at.

Up at net it has wonderful response. The sweet spot is just ginormous. Not as easy to wrist/punch volleys as thinner beamed sticks but way more forgiving.

The upper hoop on these vCores never ceases to amaze me. The fullest and liveliest feeling upper hoop I've ever experienced. Just so much response up there (which doesn't take well to lead), shots still have great, forgiving pace when hit up there.

I like it and for now it's got the number #1 slot. The elbow feels a little tender at the moment but I think it's just from the different grips I was experimenting with tonight, I never go full western, choked-down on the Radicals.

EDIT: A note about the flex. It's stiff but not harsh. I've seen RA's ranging from 65,66,67, and 68. The BLX90 being a bench mark 65, I'd say this one is right at 67. Feels just as comfy as the ProOpen but less dampened, more raw feeling.

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