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Originally Posted by BigM View Post
I'm feeling for you brother,

I have had shoulder problems off and on for the past 5 years. A few things have really helped keep things in check. A daily regime of stretches and the good old thera band stabilising exercises. Warming up properly is also a massive thing for me. Switching to Sub 60RA sticks like the Exo tour 100's I doubt I would be playing the level I do without this virtual ball cushion. I modified my Serve technique in such a way that I protect my shoulder by snapping the racket thru before the shoulder kinda like Pete Sampras. Hope its something simple and not dramatic.

Completely, 100% agree. Stretch bands are a must, especially for prevention, and should be used regardless of the presence of strain/pain.

I stretch the shoulders/back/neck before I go to bed (10min), have changed my sleeping habits, stretch for 5min when I wake up. At work during lunch. If I'm hitting that day, I'll show up to the courts 15-20min earlier, attach the stretch band to the fence and stretch, then the same after I get done.
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