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BDR and QTour heading back to TW tomorrow. Both very good frames, neither are that goldilocks "just right" fit for me, though. With the Q Tour I wanted a tad more thump, with the BDR I wanted a tad less thump.

Props to Babolat for making these feel a lot better/more muted than previous versions. Still a stiff frame, no question, but the feedback during play is not as jarringly stiff as before. Gotta say, some of the shots you can pull off from the back of the court with the Roddick are just unfair. But that springy, trampoliney feeling stringbed that allowed for some of those launching goat shots from the baseline, I just don't know if I could ever get around to trusting it on approach shots, where I never felt total control over what the ball was going to do. Super fun frame. Beastly from the back. A tad unpredictable for me when I moved closer in.

Conversely, the Q is all about control, solid all around but fewer standout characteristics for me personally when compared to my current PKs, the 7G and Ace Mid. If they'd made this one a little lighter so as to allow for some easier access to racquet head speed to match up with that control, then I think it would have been a money stick for me personally. But as it was I had to work a little too hard to effortlessly rip the ball through the court continuously, especially on serve where I just wasn't getting any easy pace.

All in all with both frames, a close-but-no-cigar demo experience.
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