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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
yes i think this is how it began to be honest.

So I took Klem's advice and slept on my back. I feel like that is going to have to be key. It was not that bad..who knows if I snored like a beast, but I have a foam bed and an ortho pillow so I woke up in the same position I fell asleep in. This could be a good thing for me, I'd imagine the rest is more efficient when you don't toss and turn.

I need to check sports authority for some stretch bands. A lot of the pros use those things before they play and I see no reason not to.

As for the BDR, yeah approach shots will not be as easy at first, but that is the PITA of demoing, you don't get enough time to adapt to the stick. All you really have to do with the approaches is swing a little more relaxed. Basically I tell myself the closer I move in, the less I need to swing. Of course the string setup I use is so conducive to spin that this helps as well, and it also helped me develop a much more controlled swing.

ross, probably the 95D. That seems like the best offering to me. Once I changed my technique, the light sticks now just feel too light when I hit. I also feel like a shoulder friendly stick would have a SW thats not super high, and so I feel like I'd have to make that up in static weight. I am curious how the stick hits in terms of spin and power and how it compares to the wilson 6.1. I hit a lot of loopers, but I also can drive the ball as well, and I could do both with the 6.1. I was shanking more though with it than normal for a while though.

I'd still use gut/poly as well. Anyway, it's just tough to go anywhere once you have the BDR with the right string setup. Kind of depressing in a
I know you're saying it isn't the frame PP, but I'm now back-tracking a bit in my desire to check out the BDR. I just recall the older PDR being too stiff and taking its toll a bit in bone-jarring way - and so many ppl seem to think it's just that kind of a frame. Also, my APDO's are 67 compared to the 70+ RA of those PDRs and maybe that's kind of where I'm happiest as I so seem to find such racs (TF 315, Extreme Pro, to name but 2) a tiny bit too stiff. We'll see anyhow.
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