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Originally Posted by Ross K View Post
I know you're saying it isn't the frame PP, but I'm now back-tracking a bit in my desire to check out the BDR. I just recall the older PDR being too stiff and taking its toll a bit in bone-jarring way - and so many ppl seem to think it's just that kind of a frame. Also, my APDO's are 67 compared to the 70+ RA of those PDRs and maybe that's kind of where I'm happiest as I so seem to find such racs (TF 315, Extreme Pro, to name but 2) a tiny bit too stiff. We'll see anyhow.
^ Agreed. Heavier sticks (12+oz) should not be overly stiff. The whole point of extra stiff frames is to make them more stable while cutting down on the weight. 67 is the farthest I'll go. RA numbers are subjective though, some feel their stiffness and others don't.

Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
yes i think this is how it began to be honest.

So I took Klem's advice and slept on my back. I feel like that is going to have to be key. It was not that bad..who knows if I snored like a beast.

I need to check sports authority for some stretch bands. A lot of the pros use those things before they play and I see no reason not to.
Yeah, you'll snore but you can also turn on your stomach or fetal position on your left side w/ the pillow. Just stay away from that right side and putting pressure on it (and the tendons) for 7+ hours during sleep, I can't tell how much difference it makes. You'll notice it in 4-5 days, if not immediately. YOU DON"T HAVE ANY STRETCH BANDS!!!???!!??? GET ON THAT ASAP!!! PRONTO!!! The band type and bungee w/ clips for various exercises!!!

As far as the stick. While I think it's not the cause (especially with gut mains) it certainly is not helping. A stick like the PDR, after og and damp-no lead, is around 12.2oz and that's far too weighty for that stiffness.

It would be fine if you played once or twice a week but any more frequency than that and it gets problematic imo. Especially if you're playing 4.0-5.0 league play/competition, which are like mini-battles within themselves. They can take a toll on you.

Originally Posted by syke View Post
Welcome to the Yonex family...
You take the front and I will cover the back...
Welcome back to TT Syke. A little disappointed when I saw you took a little vacation to ban-city. Glad you're back, strictly for avatar purposes

At work after a 4-day holiday break. Would rather be water-boarded at this point... or worse, endure a trip to the GAP for window shopping and ponder where is the factory which pumps out all these clones.
I lika to do da cha-cha

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