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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
Klem, where was your shoulder pain? Here is what I have been dealing with forever and it seems to be getting more acute. If I trace my collarbone into my shoulder right at the top I have sharp pains.

Not super bad, but slowly getting worse. Not sure what causes it because the pain was there before the racquet. Maybe it is the weight or balance? I sure hope not because this is the best setup I have used.

I also get it when I throw a ball, so that is why I don't feel that it is racquet related.
Sounds like you have an AC joint injury. Really common with those who lift weights. Try and see if it gets worse the day after the bench press. Also if it is an ac injury it will likely get a little worse every time after playing tennis. IF its and ac injury more than likely it was not tennis that caused it but it will aggravate and make it worse. Unfortunately it's tough to rehab these without surgery. I went through the surgery after getting a couple of corizone injections. It finally got to the point where I cound't even lift a glass of water without it killing.

I now have it in my left shoulder. It doesn't affect my tennis at all with my left shoulder, so now I just decided to cut out all chest excersises. I could continue to fight through it but it would kill in the middle of the night and I got sick of that. I really don't want to pay the copay for another surgery. Otherwise I would just have it again in my left shoulder.

Thankfully the surgery is a piece of cake and I was back playing in about 3 months.
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