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First of all, my main job is a high school teacher. I can only do so much during the day to help with the team at Drew. Once at Drew, I do a little bit of it all.

We have a graduate assistant who does a lot of initial contact with recruits. The head coach does the tours and closes the deals.

The head coach does all of the budgeting. He conducts practice and I assist him with that. He is extremely strong in the technique department, having been a top instructor in the area. I am much better at strategy, positioning, and communicating with players, although I can also do some technique help.

We discuss which doubles teams would work best with each other. We come up with game plans for opponents we are familiar with for game day. Also, I run all of the tournaments that we host.

During matches he takes certain courts and I take other courts. Communicating with players is something I am strong at, so certain players I wind up working with more with than others.

My specialty is also in equipment. I help players get the right racquet, string, and sneakers that fit their playing style.

The head coach and I offer different strengths and weaknesses, so we compliment each other. We work together to get our teams to perform to the best of their abilities. Its not always easy, but we have been very successful. We just won our 12th consecutive men's conference title (without a loss) and the women have won 3 during that time.
Interesting, thanks.

It must be a challenge to close deals in D3, since students do not get more need or merit aid based on being an athlete in D3.

According to my limited experience in D1, a recruit has to file an application with the admissions office prior to signing the NLI [EDIT: to make sure the school's minimum admissions standards would be met]. So after the NLI is signed (the deal is closed) the only contingency would be....graduating high school.

In D3....I guess....sports teams have to wait until the admissions office completes its work to really close the deal

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