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Originally Posted by Misterbill View Post
Interesting, thanks.

It must be a challenge to close deals in D3, since students do not get more need or merit aid based on being an athlete in D3.

According to my limited experience in D1, a recruit has to file an application with the admissions office prior to signing the NLI [EDIT: to make sure the school's minimum admissions standards would be met]. So after the NLI is signed (the deal is closed) the only contingency would be....graduating high school.

In D3....I guess....sports teams have to wait until the admissions office completes its work to really close the deal
Yes, you are correct. It is certainly difficult to get the commitments. It tends to come down to the final few weeks of April/May. You have recruits who Drew University is a reach financially, but its the best school they got into. You have recruits who use Drew as a safety school both academically and athletically.

Its a ton of effort on the staff to recruit players and some years you wind up with not a lot for all the work and sometimes a player just falls into your lap. We have gotten a 4 star and a couple of 3 star recruits over the past few years that came based on our reputation, with relatively little effort on our part. Sometimes even getting a 1 star is like pulling teeth.

In general, the two biggest obstacles are:
1. people who see the price tag of the school and get scared off even though the school offers a lot of aid and
2. players who have an incorrect perception of their tennis ability (or the level of the team they want to go to) and don't even consider D3, wind up going to a school that is above their tennis ability and never start.
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