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Originally Posted by tennis7777777 View Post
I think of it this way, if someone said to you here's a program, start from zero, but you have to win a national title in 5 years, which school would you pick....automatically I go Stanford, UCLA, USC, Georgia, Florida, perhaps Texas.....schools like Virginia, Ohio State, Baylor, Oklahoma, Pepperdine don't fall in that mix, that's why I think those guys with what they have are some of the best coaches
The first four schools you mentioned are probably by far the most tradition rich and successful programs in men's college tennis history. To throw Florida in with them is a stretch.

Not sure if the rumors about Boland being a serious candidate are true. The only way I could see him leaving is if they bowl him over with money (as others have mentioned), and I suppose that is a possibility. Otherwise, I think he's got a pretty good thing going at UVA, and seems very happy there. I suppose it would have been much more interesting if he had gotten that national title this year. Then, a big pay hike may have been more tempting.

Certainly, a flirtation with Florida could also be used as a negotiating tool to get UVA to up its ante to keep him.
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