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I still have a pro open actually but it only hits big if I lead it up and make it more head heavy than I'd like. Unfortunately, my preference for sticks that play better HH could be annoying my shoulder - just a theory, but the 95d will be a nice way to test that out.

95D being like a pillow, playing like a 6.1 has always intrigued me as an alternate if I had test a stick. The PDR plays in many ways like a 6.1 as well. There are only so many sticks that do these things. Pure Storm Tour (a little sluggish, so no point in going there again)..and Tfight 320. The Tfight will chew up my gut/poly setup too fast so I can't really go there.

I like sticks that drive the ball and let me hit with some heavy top. The PDR is my perfect stick really, but the 6.1 was super close..just a little too tough for me.

Does the 95D have the same power as the 16x18 6.1?
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