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Originally Posted by tennis_tater View Post
Do you think those former players who are currently in "high profile spots" would give up their current "high profile" job for a lesser one at Clemson? Do you know if any of those guys even have an interest in being a D 1 college coach?

There are former Clemson guys who would be interested, though who knows when the job would open back up. My understanding is that Kriese would have liked one of them to get a chance, but he did not have much input in the last decision.

I'm not sure I'd say that coaching at a quality D 1 school in a major conference is a lesser job.

It all depends on what you are looking for in tennis. When you add in summer camps, the salary becomes good. You have stability as long as you are competitive. Not as much travel as working with the pros or sometimes even juniors. It can be good putting down roots in a college town, and being able to go home to the wife and kids at night.
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