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Originally Posted by TW Staff View Post
I haven't been able to add lead tape to the NYC yet because we haven't wrapped up the review yet. As soon as we shoot the video, you better believe I'm adding about .5 ounces to the racquet!

We were actually supposed to shoot the review today, but due to some injured playtesters, we had to re-schedule for next week.

So look for the review, at least the video portion, to be posted in about 2 weeks.

Jason, TW
Thanks J! Please let me know where you plan to place the lead at? Someone whom had already playtested the NYC placed very little lead on the NYC and got some really good results (pls see thread link below). Just wanted to see that when you played with heavy paced hitters like Chris and Sean, if the NYC felt alittle pushed back due to the lighter weight? Sorry to hear about the injured playtester, hope he or she a speedy recovery (I am still nursing several torn ligaments on ankle) I always wonder how you guys stay healthy while playing so many kinds of racquets? At least for me, it takes alittle bit of time for my body to adjust to the racquet.
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