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Originally Posted by DeShaun View Post
Lendl's biggest challenge is retooling Murray's game around his weapons because Murray hasn't many as developed as, say, Rafa's intensity, Novak's balance and fitness, or Roger's caginess and stroke arsenal. Murray has perhaps the best set of wheels on tour but these he uses mainly for staying back and defending or counterpunching or playing cat and mouse slowly constricting the point like a boa when Murray should probably speed it up and impose his athleticism for cheaper points at some times.
This is Lendl's problem: he has in his stable one of the fittest but likely the most coordinated top pro at the peak age physically twenty-five or so but this "peak" pro in Lendl's charge does not seem to enjoy discomfort or the pain like Rafa nor does he have quite the array of strokes as Federer, or the fighting heart of a champion nor can he (or anybody) sustain what is arguably the greatest "average" work rate on court like Novak; no, instead we have a soft-batched momma's boy whose off-the-charts levels of hand-and foot-eye coordination are mattering very little- partly because nobody seems to have
ever told Murray forcefully enough to STFU when he was whining about whatever while growing up, and so, he has grown accustomed to putting on negative, attention-seeking airs in competition that probably do not serve his greater cause but are so deep-rooted that Lendl must demolish this
architecture before Andy surrenders because individuals who throw tantrums tend to "have to be right."
Very true, he doesnt seem to thrive in competition like other top players and he is so incredibly moody on the court. He can be playing great tennis, then just a few bad points can cause him to go off the deep end. His lack of fight in the GS finals he has played shows that mentally he just isnt there yet.
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