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Yea, matchplay, but one thing you're not considering is that any coach at one of those 4 programs will always be coaching in the shadow of the coaches who built the program.

If you go by his words, Boland will not leave Virginia for any school. He has stated publicly that he plans to coach at UVA for as long as the University will have him. And why not? Virginia first made the NCAA Tournament in 1997. The four great programs you mention had won national titles prior to Virginia's first berth in the tournament. The Virginia tennis coaching record book is just a portrait of Brian Boland. There are no words, just a picture of him. The man IS Virginia tennis.

He would never be able to duplicate that at USC, UCLA, Stanford or UGA.
i think you and I are on the same page on this one.
To think he or Ramsey will leave to go to Florida or a like school is probably not going to happen. They are both building something, more than just a job to them.
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