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Originally Posted by goran_ace View Post
"This isnít financial aid. Itís not a needs-based scholarship; itís a merit-based one."

My sentiments exactly.
100% true.

But, how is he going to be treated by the walk on from a lower class family with parents working multiple jobs? Would he just give the kid a ride home for Christmas break in his $360K car and feel like he did a good deed for the year? What about when the walk on sits above him on the depth chart?

Point of this conversation is...yes, he has the talent to earn the scholly along with a roster spot. Is it morally correct to take it when you clearly don't have a financial need for it? The roster spot is guaranteed, does a multi millionaire take the free money or let someone less fortunate get it?

If I were a Bill Gates type...I'd have the kid take the roster spot & pay the tuition myself. That's just me.
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