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Default I'm not sure if I've done the right thing here...

I've entered a local tournament and signed up for the NTRP Men's 3.0 Singles division. As the division started to fill, I noticed people I knew who were 3.5 caliber players. By that, I mean they told me they were bumped to 3.5 last year by the USTA, but appealed and won. I know, I know, *technically* there is no problem whatsoever with them signing up for the 3.0 division.

Here's my dilemma: I consider myself to be a low-end 3.0 player, but I've only been playing for about 4 months. I'm also playing in a Senior Men's 3.5 Flex League (only because it was the lowest level available), where my best finish was losing a set by tiebreak. Other losses were 6-2, 6-0, 6-2.

After thinking about this some more, I decided to change the tournament division I'm playing in to be 2.5. Now I'm having second thoughts. Am I any better than the guys playing "down" to the 3.0 division, even though it's perfectly legal?

Heck, maybe I am just a 2.5 level player and I did the right thing after all. I just want to be competitive in whatever level I'm rated.

I'm still bothered by it, though. I guess it'll work itself out over time.
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