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Default Mamba Premium Natural Gut/ Iontec Black

String: Mamba Premium Natural Gut/ Iontec Black
Frame: Yonex V-core 95D
Tension: 52/48#

Stringing was pretty easy. MPN is a bit dry and could use either wax or some lotion to make it easier to work with. The biggest issue here is tying knots because of the dessication: I tried both the double half hitch and the parnell knot and found the parnell to sit 100x better. Interestingly enough, the MPN's coating smells suspiciously like fingernail polish...hmmm. Nothing to report about ItB

Interesting play here. This is my first attempt at stringing gut this low since I normally do the 56# range. This setup is unique in a few ways. First, I would dub this combination a flat hitter's paradise. There is great dwell time and ample response off the string bed to give you the zip you need on the ball. Lacing those shots with a bit of topspin keeps them deep and on the court. The feel is almost too much in this aspect. Second, the ample response that makes this setup great for blasting flat makes it a bit tricky to control when trying to hit the monster spin that gut/poly is capable of against slower hitting players. Once the pace picks up and the ball bites a bit more into the string bed-- it's all there. The versatility of gut/poly is enormous. I've logged about an hour and a half by now and MPN/ItB performs well in that respect although I would venture to string it a touch tighter next time. A little more control would go a long way for my taste.

Net Play: Out-freaking-standing. The dwell time and strong transfer of energy make for punchy volleys. There's a little extra on every shot that makes this setup more effective than a full poly bed. Overheads are serve-like.

I've mixed feelings about this section although I think they're due to my lack of court time on the setup. Flat serves cannon off as expected but are prone to going a bit long (for now). I also can't seem to find my heavy kick serve. It's close but not quite there. I can hit topspin and slice effectively at about 65% but I can't really lay into the ball to get that extra effect. One of the shots I've developed into a weapon is the heavy "twist" serve where my ball comes in like a regular topspin serve from right to left but jumps out to the right after bouncing. To really make this a free point generator, the serve has to be struck confidently. Similar to the flat serves, I'm still up to a foot deep which is unacceptable for a second serve.

Around/ a little less than 1.5 hours so far and it's holding up decently.
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