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Originally Posted by J_R_B View Post
The gym at my college had a multipurpose floor where you could set up tennis nets. The surface was this kind of polished looking rubber stuff that was slick like you describe. On top of that, there were lines for like 5 different courts (tennis, basketball, volletball, etc), each a different color. We had to use these courts for challenge matches in the winter. It was horrible. I think they've replaced that surface since I left (it was 20 years ago...).
I was going to answer the exact same thing. I loved serving on it, but it was all but unplayable.

I've played on the astroturf, and honestly it didn't bother me.

The most painful experience was a concrete court w/ no asphalt layer. I've never had knee problems, but they were both barking after that weekend (3 tournament matches). You wouldn't think that asphalt is that much of a cushion until you play on concrete. Never again.
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