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Originally Posted by GlennK View Post
Hopefully, I'll see you when we play on June 13. Even if my back is still messed up, I'll come out for our home ties and watch the match for a bit. What's your first name?

I didn't think Rittman was near Wooster? You must have a good drive to get to that club.

Last question. I signed up for the 3.5 Men's singels flex league in Akron. It was suppoosed to be in the spirng but was moved to summer due to not enough participants. Would you be interested in that?

Too bad this site doesn't have a private message ability.

We played you guys in 7.0 mixed a few weeks back, I play for Mayfield Village. Your courts were nice but what is up with those low hanging lights, I felt like I was going to hit them with my serve toss
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