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Rule number one, a parent should never coach their own child. Yes they can help feed balls, work on mental toughness, only if they themselves participated in high level sports and truly understand what goes through the mind of an athlete. A parent is a child's last and only private sanctuary where they can unload, enjoy that role, as a coach you lose that special role. Let the coach do what you pay them to do, the one that pushes the child, makes corrections, demonstrates what they need to do. At 10 years old to jam tennis down their throat is a terrible mistake, read Andre's book, let them discover and experience all sports. Let them decide what sport suits them best. This garbage about if they don't focus on one sport by 10 or 12 is total nonsense. The key is if they have the determination, discipline, hart, work ethic, and athletic ability, to succeed in a solitary sport. You won't be able to drag them off the court, stop them from training, it's their play ground, in the blood, where they find peace. Yes there are those that are what we call lifers, most burn out early, never live up to the hype, become easily distracted because they don't have that spark and true love for a sport. Support the child in their pursuits, but let them decide what sport to pursue. I see too many parents that have dreams and illusions that are unrealistic for their child to obtain and I see it surface, manifest itself, in the lack of enthusiasm for the sport they have been forced into.
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