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A scientific ranking last year ranked Connors Nr. 1 among all open era players. That's a fact, no conjecture. Some may disagree, but no one can deny the fact. It was based on the strong competition, Connors played. So long the mickey mouse argument, which is simply silly. Its also a fact, that the 109 wins are pure incomplete ATP stats for open events. This doesn't cover anything going on before 1968 (and many events which were not sanctioned by the ATP since 196. The ATP is constantly changing its own list (thanks to posters as Q and M). The percentage of Connors over his career in more than 1200 matches played is also a fact, and imo one of the most impressive records of the open era.
Well, that ranking only ranked wins against top ten players, not losses. It also gave you the same number of points for a win against a future top ten player or a long-past top ten player as it did for a current top ten player, which is also very flawed.
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