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Default Federer-Murray

In the 15 matches that Federer and Murray have played, neither player has ever had higher success on second serve than on first serve.

It's interesting how Federer has out-aced Roddick in 14 of 21 matches, but he's out-aced Murray only 3 times:

2006 Cincinnati (6-4)
2008 Masters Cup (11-7)
2010 AO final (11-10)

Murray's success on 1st serve against Federer has been very high (partly due to the aces no doubt). In their '08 Dubai match he broke 90% on 1st serve success (something Federer hasn't done in any of their matches).

And yet in their very next match -- the USO final -- Murray's success on 1st serve was a horrid 51%.
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