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Originally Posted by abmk View Post
it would probably be close on har-tru ... But connors did lose to orantes the year before he beat borg and to vilas the year after

but has fed even played on har-tru ? I don't think so ..

I did mention "surface that both played on" ...
I missed that qualification, yes ... I doubt Federer has ever played on har-tru.

Connors lost comprehensively to Orantes, but Orantes slowed down the pace like no one I've ever seen, and that worked against Connors more than any single tactic. Not easy to do. Federer can change the pace and it would help him against Connors, but he's not the slowball touch artist that Orantes was (or I should say: the slowball artist that Orantes could be; he didn't always play that way, and was capable of quite a lot of different things; he beat Vilas in their famous match on Har-Tru with some surprising SV play, for example).

Even Orantes couldn't pull off the slowball strategy again when they met in the '77 quarters... Connors blasted him away then.

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