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Originally Posted by pc1 View Post
I don't know how Kodes slipped into this thread.

Yes the grass is different but that's not Federer's fault. Sorry but I would go with Federer over Kodes for grass achievements by a huge margin.
Kodes won a memorable Roland Garros final over one of the decade´s toughest guys, a certain Ilie Nastase.The year before, he had beaten a great clay specialist named Zeljko Franulovic.Federer won once the FO, beating handily surprise ( and deservingly so) finalsit Soderling, who had ousted Nadal in the former rounds.

Kodes also reached 2 IO and won the very prestigious German and Spanish Open.Federer, I think, has 2 Madrids and 1 Hamburg titles as far as second tier cc events are rated, so, they may be evened there.But the FO is, by far, the measure of clay court greatness...

I agree that old grass was not comparable to current rgass.So, it should be said "Sampras is the best old grass player ever" and " Federer is the best current grass greatest player ".Kodes, not only beat Metrevali and won a Wimbly title, he also beat two all time grass ( old grass) greats en route to the USO finals in 71 ( beat Newcombe) and 73 ( beat Smith).That record far exceedes Djokovic on grass, FI, even if we considered that both grass were comparable ( which, as you said very well, are not )
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