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Originally Posted by goober View Post
Actually all the starters, the second string, third string and practice squad have full rides. Last time I checked it was 85 full rides. That's why there are so many men's sports cut or greatly reduced in number of scholies.
Originally Posted by goober View Post
Well this is not the place to really get into this but as the has been talked about in other threads ad nauseaum, in order to comply with title IX, there is no way you can have 85 scholies for football without major cuts in mens programs to have an equal number of womens scholies. Tennis is actually lucky it gets any scholies on the mens side as many programs in mens wrestling, gymnastics, swimming and most olympic type sports were cut altogether at many schools.
Many men's football teams used to have well over 100 scholarships. Now that they have been reduced to 85, I don't know that I can blame football for all the program cuts in men's gymnastics, volleyball, etc. There is not just a single factor, but Title IX interpretations and applications are obviously the primary factor.
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