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Originally Posted by Dgdavid View Post
Xonemains, what was your recent racket history before you switched to the P1?
i dont know why you see this as useful but i hope it helps you in some way or another.

i spend about 12-15 p/week on the courts, mostly drills and practice then some matches. our club has a decent pro shop so we demo all we like right there and then, (whoever breaks strings on demos, pays for a new set). i bought quite a few racquets over the years, (heaps of babolat too) but the ones i will mention sits in my cupboard, will never be sold to anyone! it has my sweat, blood, heart, battle scars and tears on each stick. Big wins and bad losses as well.

- 1 x Prince POG OS
- 2 x Head LM Radical OS
- 2 x Head Microgel Prestige Pro
- 3 x Pro Kennex Black Ace 98
- 2 x Head Youtek Prestige Pro
- 1 x Head PT57A, Microgel model
- 2 x Donnay Pro One 97, 16 x 19

I prefer to play with the Black ace and my pt, these 2 feel the best!
But this pro one gets the job, cant beat the power, spin, and control the P1 provides. comfort and special feel is a bonus.
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