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Originally Posted by Xonemains View Post
Agree, p1 has more control than tweeners, but not 18 x 20 prestiges and the like. but tennis is really turning into a spin and power game these days. less touch and volleys.
good point. it's that reason why I'm using the Pro 1. IMO it gives you everything the popular tweeners offer and edges them in comfort and yes to a small degree control. Backhand slice really shine for me as well.
The Pro 1 really is an interesting racquet in that it doesn't have standard tweener specs (100" head, 11oz-ish static, low 300's SW, 22mm+beam). But it offers the power of PD and its clones. Maybe its more of a lite players racquet? BTW, the Yonex E Zone XI 98 looks very similar on paper
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