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Originally Posted by kiki View Post
Wasn´t it the year Agassi played that legend Di pasquale? or was it another legend, Schuettler?.The fact is AO fields were depleted.
no, they weren't...

the roddick-el ayanoui match in the QF was one of the best matches of all time ..

fed-nalby had a good , but up and down match ....

you had hewitt and ferreria in the mix as well ...

not a very strong AO, but not a depleted one either ...

Originally Posted by kiki View Post
Ohˇ Rosewall was in bad shape in fact, one year older, he won the US Open and reached the Wimbleodn final...Gonzales at 43-44 beat Borg and Connors, so what if he beat laver for a while?
yes, rosewall had relatively bad years in 67 and 69 ... coincidence that laver had his best years then , I think not ...

and agassi at 33 years of age was playing much much better than gonzales at 40-41 years of age ... federer won all matches vs agassi since 2003 and laver lost a few vs gonzales after gonzales turned 37+ and was worse off than agassi at 33-35 ... go figure ..

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