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Originally Posted by pc1 View Post
Actually Rosewall had a bad year in 1969. Tony Roche was Laver's top rival that year along with Newcombe and Rosewall. Roche could have had the second best year in tennis in 1969. He was fantastic that year.

Old Pancho Gonzalez could beat anyone. He still had the great serve and on that alone he was tough but Gonzalez, pass age 40 could beat Laver, Ashe, Smith, Connors, Hoad, Emerson. Losing to Gonzalez in his early forties was nothing to be ashamed of.
I actually brought up gonzales because the clueless kiki mentioned agassi's age when I talked about the beatdown fed gave him in the TMC 2003 F ...

fact is agassi at age 33 was still playing excellent tennis, far better than gonzales at age 40+ ...

yet kiki has the nerve to bring up agassi's age when I talked about that impressive beatdown and then goes and hides when someone points out that gonzales at age 40+ beat laver .....

I don't actually think its "shameful" to lose once in a while to an all time great ... even if the all time great is old ..

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