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Maybe this is being oversimplistic, but you could argue that a good one handed backhand could be less of a liability on the women's tour than the men's.

The two main weaknesses of the one handed are on the return of serve and dealing with high balls. However most WTA players have terrible serves and hit the ball relatively flat.

Still while few few male juniors coming through play with a one hander, that number is probably even less for the upcoming female players.

Of course Henin's forehand was more deadly and her main weapon (it was arguably the single best shot on the WTA tour from 2003-2007), but her backhand was great to watch. I remember her 2001 Wimbledon semi-final against Capriati when he she hit 3 consecutive backhand winners in as many points.

Apparently when she was a junior her coaches tried to get to play with a two handed backhand but she kept on ignoring them and switching back to the one hander as it felt more natural to her. Thank god she didn't become 'just another two hander'.

For aesthetics I always liked Gaudio and Stich's backhands as well.
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