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Originally Posted by abmk View Post
no, they weren't...

the roddick-el ayanoui match in the QF was one of the best matches of all time ..

fed-nalby had a good , but up and down match ....

you had hewitt and ferreria in the mix as well ...

not a very strong AO, but not a depleted one either ...

yes, rosewall had relatively bad years in 67 and 69 ... coincidence that laver had his best years then , I think not ...

and agassi at 33 years of age was playing much much better than gonzales at 40-41 years of age ... federer won all matches vs agassi since 2003 and laver lost a few vs gonzales after gonzales turned 37+ and was worse off than agassi at 33-35 ... go figure ..
Roddick-El Aynaouiˇˇˇ Ferreiraˇˇˇ Hewittˇˇˇ just some clues

Roddick is a crappy one timer who just won against little crap Ferrero with all crowds behind me at home.

El Aynaoui, if he gets to know you, he´ll be in debt with you forever since nobody else than you would even remember him

Ferreira, in my dictionary is a sinonym for "Journeymanship" ( middle to high class though)

Hewitt, had to play against ALL TIMER Nalbandian and old, tired and unmotivated Sampras to win a couple of majors in the weakest era of modern times.I still wonder how a bulldog baseliner like him has even be allowed to play under the glorious flag of Australia....

Now, Rosewall miraculously recovered old form a year later, when he was older than in 1969 and yet beat Roche at the USO F ( same Laver, curiously did one year before)
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