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Yonex Poly Tour Spin/Mantis Comfort Synthetic 45/47

Stringing- The yonex was incredibly sharp. It strung up without too many problems, I just had to be careful doing the crosses because of the sharpness.

Groundstrokes- Very, very good. I strung it too tight the first time and it actually played rather springy. It had okay spin and just felt too powerful. However, when I lowered the tension, it played so much better. It didn't gain any power when I strung it lower, but the spin was suddenly there. It was very similar to tour bite, as a matter of fact. It didn't have quite the power/spin combination that makes TB so unique, but it had almost as much power and spin. It completely lacked feel and feedback, though, which was a serious negative. Sure, it played well, but if I can't feel what's going on on the string bed, I don't feel as confident playing with it. Regardless, very nice from the baseline.
Overall- 9/10

Serves- Very good. Not great, but very good. The spin and pop helped a lot with my serve. For some reason, though, I just felt like I lacked some control on really hard serves. It may have just been me.
Overall- 8.75/10

Volleys- Bleh. Just bad. I talked about the lack of feel and feedback already. It just felt bad at net. Nothing really good about it here.
Overall- 6.5/10

Durability- Good. Physically and playability-wise, it has held up well. The MCS crosses just got chewed up too fast.

Softness- 1 being the softest, 10 being the stiffest. It was somewhat stiff. Not incredibly stiff, but still stiff none the less. Nothing like revolution thank goodness. The MCS crosses helped with the stiffness, though.
Overall- 5.75/10

I had never really tried out a yonex string before. This string impressed me for the cost. I think it was around 8 or 9 dollars a pack, and I didn't see a reel on TW, but it played very well for the price. The only real problem was the lack of feel and feedback. Everything else was very good, though.
Overall- 8.75/10
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