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Originally Posted by nat75 View Post need a strong arm and a good pair of shoulders to hit a 1hbh so it's very rare to have a short woman with a good one. So that's really remarkable of Henin.

If that were true we'd see the 1-handers in the WTA be taller. Instead, they are shorter.

Henin, Schiavone, Navarro, Brianti (and Raymond, in doubles now) are all around 5'5". Also note that on the men's side, Olivier Rochus (5'5") uses a 1hbh quite effectively. I think at least 4 of the 6 players listed above would be worse players if they had a 2hbh.

A 1hbh, with the right grip, is an equalizer for small players because of the rackethead speed they can generate with relatively little physical exertion.
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