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Originally Posted by TERRASTAR18 View Post
how is any of that serena's fault? as the server she starts the point, henin lifeted her hand in the middle of the motion, so serena lost her timing. but even that isn't the issue. henin is considered a cheat because she didn't admit it.
If Serena only saw Justine after she initiated the service motion, she could have stopped it before ball contact.

If she already made ball contact before sighting Justine's gesture, it should not have hindered her serve.

I am not saying Justine did not lie.

All I am saying is that I can see why she was inclined to lie. Virtually all the pros have gone through juniors making their own calls, and have made and received intentionally bad calls. Often the juniors retaliate against what they consider a foul play by returning in kind.

Here all I am saying is Justine might have felt Serena ignored her request and tried to score an easy point. Then it is easy to see why Justine felt justified in lying to the referee in order to deny Serena another free serve.
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